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Team Aeolus - IARC (Robotics) division

Unmanned vehicles & Aero Modelling
  Founded: September 10, 2019

About this Club

Team Aeolus is the official Aeromodelling and Aerial Robotics club of PES University formed in 2008. IARC (Robotics) division of Team Aeolus is focused on participating in the 'AUVSI-IARC'(International Aerial Robotics Competition) held annually at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA and has 40 members. The team also takes part in National level competitions held at IITs, BIT and other regional colleges. Over the past years, the team has been successful and has secured ranks within the top 10 globally. Office bearers: B. R Srikrishna
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  • September 10, 2019
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