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Dedicated to the betterment of quizzing in schools and colleges.
  Founded: September 10, 2019

About this Club

The club brings together students interested in quizzing. The club conducts ConQuizTador, weekly quizzes on every Extended Working Day (EWD), Aatmatrisha Quizzes, The Amateur Scientist Quizzes, IEEE Tech Quiz, Samarpana Quiz, The Freshers Quiz, Instagram Quizzes. ConQuizTador 2019, a nation-wide quizzing event for students of grade 8 to 12 saw a turnout of about 5000 students. The club is open to students of any year who volunteer for the activities of the club and are interested in quizzing. Office bearers : Akshobhya Jamadagni K R Saikrishna Shenoy Srivatsa Avasarala
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  • September 10, 2019
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