Quantum Computing Club

Founded on Oct 12, 2018

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KIND OF ACTIVITIES THE CLUB CONDUCT The club organizes conferences and collaborative events related to Quantum Computing The goal of any and all events organized by the club is to learn, help learn and contribute to topics in the field of Quantum Computing. POPULAR AND LARGE SCALE PROGRAM CONDUCTED IN THE PAST Quantum Computing Day at PESU. The event had a guest lecture from a leading pioneer in the field of quantum computing – Dr Apoorva Patel, Professor at IISc and also had an introduction to quantum cryptography from the Quantum Security Specialist, Dr Anindita Banerjee, QNu Labs, India followed by a hands-on workshop conducted by the club using IBM Qiskit. Nearly 100 students along with professors attended the event. NO. OF MEMBERS PRESENTLY 150+ members from both PESU Campuses. Remarks: 3-5 enthusiastic members from RVCE as well. ELIGIBILITY FOR BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE CLUB Anyone from any year or branch can be a member. PROCESS FOR BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE CLUB Join the slack channel and WhatsApp group. There will be two qualification rounds consisting of a test and an interview, in order to work on projects.

Staff Cordinator

Dr Lata Pasupulety, Dr K Raghavendra Rao, Dr S Radhakrishnan, Dr. Kaustav Bhowmick (Associate Professor)

Student Cordinator

Vishnu Bharadwaj B Gargeshwari Email Id: vishnugargeshwari@gmail.com Phone No: 9886408375 T Navya Email Id: tayinavya@gmail.com Phone No: 9739967709 Achyuth S S Email Id: achyugeorge7744@gmail.com Phone No: 9448826746 Tanya N Email Id: tanya.sle24@gmail.com Phone No: 7483976380