The Alcoding Club

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The Alcoding Club is the algorithms and coding club at PES University guided by Prof. Channa Bankapur. We aim to promote a culture of competitive coding across college and develop tools to better enable learning. The club aims to expose the students about the whereabouts happening in the tech-industry and keep their skills up-to-date. Till now the club has done the following : Developed a basic web portal for a college wide leaderboard, submission of assignments, etc., scrapers to collect results of students from any open competitive coding competition. Updated a calendar with all competitive coding contests. Structured the club, set up divisions with clear tasks, recruit new members. Hosted the Alcoding Weekly Contests for the summer of 2019, hosted the Alcoding Summer Challenge. Collection of resources relevant to competitive coding. Built an online judge to host future contests(and course assignments) on the platform. Alcoding Global Challenge - 1st September (On CodeChef) The Alcoding Club has several exciting things and events planned for the future as well. Office Bearer : Parth Shah (Head)

Staff Cordinator

Prof. Channa Bankapur (CSE)

Student Cordinator

Parth Shah - +91 95387 94906 Sparsh Temani - +91 83109 31709‬