Team Haya Racing

Team Haya Racing is the racing team of PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka. People’s Education Society (PES) is a private university in Bangalore, and is one of the country’s leading teaching and research universities.

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Team Haya was formed in 2008. Envisioned by the young automotive enthusiasts whose passion knew no bounds, the team constantly strives and steers towards excellence. The team operates with utmost professionalism and passion which translates into our sterling car. The team is a platform for the students to develop not only their technical skills but also their soft skills. The team has participated in SUPRA SAE, Formula SAE and Formula Bharat, which are premier racing events. The purpose of these competitions is to design, manufacture and race a car which is to be envisioned as a mass-production item. The car is judged on several fronts through static and dynamic events. Static events evaluate the engineering design, cost and business plan. Dynamic events gauge the performance of the car by putting it through a number of grueling tests such as autocross, skid pad, braking tests, endurance runs, maneuverability, rock crawl and so on. The racing team currently participates in Formula Bharat, held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore which draws over 70 teams from all across the country. The team also participates in SUPRA SAE held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida, with nearly 130 participating teams. Club Heads: Jagathram(Captain) 9686734960 Pradyumna Shet(Finance Head) 9482656843 Office bearers: Team Captain - Rahul Ronel

Staff Cordinator

Dr. N. Rajesh Mathivanan

Student Cordinator

Rahul Ronel - 8095404062