Team Haya off Roading

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TEAM HAYA OFF-ROADING is the automotive club of PES University which specializes in the design and fabrication of All Terrain Vehicles. The team was started by a small group of passionate students and today has 30+ members. In order to produce a top notch car every year the team operates like an ethical professional engineering force. The team takes part in national level engineering design and race events like ENDURO STUDENT INDIA and BAJA SAEINDIA. The team provides a platform for its members to understand and overcome real world challenges associated with the automotive industry like vehicular design, manufacturing, dynamic analysis and marketing. Office bearers : Keerthi Raj J, Jayanth L

Staff Cordinator

Dr.N .Rajesh Mathivannan

Student Cordinator

Keerthi Raj J +91 8867564488 Jayanth L - 8277841199