Team Aeolus - DBF (Fixed Wing) division

Team Aeolus is the official Aeromodelling and Aerial Robotics club of PES University formed in 2008. DBF (Fixed Wing) division of Team Aeolus participates in 'AIAA-DBF'(Design, Build, Fly) competition held annually at Tucson, AZ, USA or Wichita, KS, USA alternatively and has 33 members. The team also takes part in National level competitions held at IITs, BIT and other regional colleges. In recent years, the team has been successful globally and has been placed ahead of prestigious universities like University of California, Hong Kong University, Stanford University, National University of Singapore etc. Office bearers: Manoj M

Staff Cordinator

Shivkumar H

Student Cordinator

Manoj: +91 8553200064