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Shunya, the official math club across all campuses of PES University, is an analysis-driven and a research-oriented club.
  Founded: December 14, 2021

About this Club

We break down the myth of mathematics being mundane and inapplicable by discovering its practicality as a step-by-step process. To this end, we host various fun activities and events related to a variety of branches in applied math. A curious mind learns with an adrenaline rush experienced while competing. Shunya promises much more than just "fun mathematics"; it is a community of extraordinary youth joining together to develop their explorative, creative, and inventive faculties. Shunya is a place to learn, explore, develop and research. With us, students are on a journey to capture the beauty of mathematics in its true essence. The club is open to all those curious to learn more about mathematics, regardless of your branch, course, or background. Shunya is the only club which spans across all three campuses of PES University, Bengaluru!