Pitch Please

Acapella Team – Creating music using vocal chords without the use of any instruments.
  Founded: September 10, 2019

About this Club

The club brings together students interested in participating in AtmaTrisha, Freshers’ day, Seniors Farewell and such events. The present membership is 11 and is open to singers and beat boxers who clear the audition. CLUB HEADS: Siddharth Suresh, Kanya Murali, Ankith Gujjar CLUB MEMBERS: Lalit Kishore Gattani, Chethan P G, Gaurav Peswani, Parmesh Kaur, Rhea Anand, Rhea Sharma, Smruthi Rajmohan, Srishti E, Suraj Balaji, Varshith Raj, Yash R Patil, Rasya Ramesh, Malavikka Rajmohan, Sukanya
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  • September 10, 2019
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