CSR club stands for ethical, value-based and transparent functioning

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The Collegiate Social Responsibility (CSR) club activities of PES University are guided by the vision of the university to create a professionally superior and ethically strong global workforce. CSR club stands for ethical, value-based and transparent functioning. The main objectives of CSR club is to inculcate values, sustainability and development culture, imbibing self awareness, nurturing self development and skill development, team building, networking, soft skills enhancement etc.The main policy of the club is to engage students in social activities consistently throughout their stay in the campus and to recognize their dedication, commitment and consistency in social engagement at the final year of their studies. We mainly focus on 3 areas of sustainable development such as Education, Environment and Health. The activities are decided for the semester/year. The objectives, methodology, learning outcome, and the program evaluation method are formulated for each program. Office bearers : Ajay Raj, Raahil H, Anirudh R Menon, Jeevan, Navneet Raju, Kona Supriya, Greeshma R, Chirag Singhvee

Staff Cordinator

Prof. Ancy Mathew Prof.Vijendra Kumar Dr. B M Basavaraj

Student Cordinator

Anirudh: 9986989891 Ajay:9845171122 Raahil: 8861991468 Jeevan: 9686553150 Navneet : 8884382392 Supriya: 8074317241 Greeshma: 8197567636 Chirag: 9986647989