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The Food Club
  Founded: August 18, 2020

About this Club

Cooking is an art which can be mastered only with time. Some people consider it as a part of their lives but some people believe it is their life itself. Cooking does not just come from learning the recipes, it comes from passion and experience. For some its an obsession. For some others it brings up stories like grandmother’s homemade delicacy. Cooking is also love that is edible by trying out new things with fun and receiving praises as well as comments. It also leads oneself to healthy living and relaxed mood. It kicks off sorrow in human as a healing therapy. Not everyone in the world loves to cook, however those who love cooking have experienced to be happy and make others happy as well. Thanks to farmers, who add nutrients to the food we prepare by their untiring effort. Modern days food is not just focused to be tasty but also be presentable to get a beautiful cuisine. Cooking proper food will add essence and flavor of many parts of the world. The new fad in cooking is to take up virtual task blending with pleasant music. This gives a great appeal to food lovers. Whatever may be the recipe of the day one must always show a table spoon of interest, enthusiasm and high energy in preparing food. PES UNIVERSITY is coming out with the title ‘PAKASIDDHI’ to drive the inner chef and transpire innovation in the world of cooking madness. This platform also creates awareness on nutrition value of food in preparing easy, attractive and tasty recipes.
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  • August 18, 2020
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