Microsoft Innovation Lab
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Microsoft Innovation Lab

The Club brings together students interested in tech events that include hackathons and workshops, technical research and learning opportunities.
  Founded: September 10, 2019

About this Club

Microsoft Innovation is a technical club of Pes University. We are a student community dedicated to cultivating the spirit of research and innovation in budding engineers. It’s a platform where students are provided numerous learning opportunities which allow them to push the boundaries of technical research and build innovative products for the masses. The club’s activities include an annual summer internship, a roadshow, an ideathod (Incito), a hackathon (#Code) and other hands-on workshops. Members are recruited through the summer internship. Interns often stayback to mentor the next generation of students. Over the years, Microsoft Innovation Lab has grown into a family of diverse set of students who continue to stay in touch with and contribute to the lab long after graduation as well.
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  • September 10, 2019
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