Mastadon Football Men

Football in PES University has come a long way in the past few years.

This is mainly due to our 2 new coaches Ravinder Singh and Shiv Pratap Singh (Manager) who have built the team from scratch and developed a winning mentality in the team today. The training sessions are intense and work towards the core competencies of the players individually and towards the team as a whole. With the coach's many years of experience playing for India and other top division clubs in India, he brings in many required skills to transform a group of players into a trophy winning team in just a couple of years. The facility right now is a 5-a-side turf court, but we are expecting a bigger and better ground with goalposts in a few months as promised by the sports department. Head Coach: Ravinder Singh Grewal Manager: Shiv Pratap Singh Captain: Aayush David Koshy Vice-Captain: Vineeth V

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