HackerSpace is a student-driven Development Club

Founded on Jan 23, 2019

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HackerSpace is a student-driven Development Club that aims to foster a community of tech enthusiasts and developers and aims to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to grow, learn and code together. The world of technology is diverse and is rapidly progressing, with new developments in this field almost everyday. This calls for a community where one can discover and discuss the latest developments in technology, and work together to solve problems and build solutions. Over the years, HackerSpace has evolved to become the largest developer community on campus and is also one of the most active tech clubs. With over 1400 active members, HackerSpace has quickly grown to become the go-to development-oriented tech club for the community. HackerSpace is a community of students from different backgrounds who share an interest in various domains. HackerSpace is open to all students, irrespective of experience, branch, and year of study. HackerSpace prides itself in having a wide range of domains - from App development and Web Development to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We have an experienced team of mentors for each domain who can provide guidance and support to the community. HackerSpace actively hosts several events throughout the year. Sessions and hands-on workshops, tech talks, and discussions are some of the events that occur throughout the year. HackerSpace also partners with organizations like IBM and Postman to organise workshops on cutting-edge technology. Annually, HackerSpace hosts a two-month Summer Project Program, where students are introduced to the fundamentals of a domain and work on projects guided by experienced mentors. SpaceJam is HackerSpace’s flagship 24-hour nationwide Hackathon. It is beginner-friendly and aims to encourage freshers and provide them with an opportunity to gain Hackathon experience. Founders: Aditeya Baral aditeya.baral@gmail.com Dhruv Shetty dhruvshetty3@gmail.com

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Workshop on PyTorch

July 17, 2021

Staff Cordinator

Ms Preet Kanwal, Assistant Professor, CSE Dr Sarasvathi V, Associate Professor, CSE

Student Cordinator

Prajwal Anagani, Core Lead - RR Campus prajwalanagani@gmail.com Anirudh Rowjee, Core Lead - EC Campus ani.rowjee@gmail.com