Equinox - The Space Club

"EQUINOX - The Space Club" is the official student driven community at PES University for Space Science and Technology activities

Founded on Mar 20, 2018

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The successful launch of PISAT 1, advent of RSAT and PISAT 2, the clean room facility, Laboratories and notable student research teams (such as Team Aranea who won a grant of Rs 10 lakhs for their Deorbiting mechanism concept) all hint as to why PES University can be considered as an important center for Space research and development in Bangalore. With this being said, "EQUINOX - The Space Club of PES University" has become the premier official club of the college for all Space Science and Technology related activity. The club being an ‘open to all community’ has its vision and mission to encourage and incubate even the tiniest interest in this field. By closely working with top of the line research organisations of PES U such as CORI (Crucible Of Research and Innovation) and CRSST (Center for Research in Space Science and Technology), the club aims to provide ample opportunities to its members for networking with other like minded students and faculty in the campus. Apart from this, the club has so far organised guest lectures, public talks, workshops, Art/Astrophotography contests, Space Quizzes/Trivias, peer to peer learning, Field trips and other exciting events with prizes and merchandise giveaways. Future agendas of the club include stargazing events, launching PES University's own space portal/website, hands on activities, collaborations with other clubs/colleges and the like. All in all, the club which laid its humble foundation on 20th March 2018, has now gained immense popularity over time spanning a membership of 880 + members in both the campuses of PES U (RR and EC) Office bearers : Founding President: Name: Prithvi Monteiro (RR and EC Campus) Email: prithvisjm@gmail.com Chief Coordinator: Name: Sejal Jain (RR Campus) Email: sejaljain52618@gmail.com Chief Coordinator: Name: Simmi Alok (EC Campus) Email: aloksimmi@gmail.com

Staff Cordinator

Dr. Sambasiva Rao (Director, CORI/CRSST) Dr. S Radhakrishnan (HOD Physics, Department of Science and Humanities)

Student Cordinator

Prithvi Monteiro - 9663949601 Sejal Jain - 8867115680 Simmi Alok - 9591198800