Epsilon is the annual National Intercollegiate Science Fest.

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Epsilon is the annual National Intercollegiate Science Fest organized by the Department of Science and Humanities, PES University, coordinated by the students of First year B. Tech. A large number of students from various Colleges and Universities across India participate in this event. The ethos of Epsilon is to keep in focus the sheer delight of understanding Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and to emphasize their perpetual bearing on technology [cutting edge areas such as Artificial intelligence, Quantum Computation and Nanotechnology thrive on the extensive knowledge of Sciences]. PES Math Olympiad, The (TED ) Talk, Quantum Computing workshop, Science Expo, Science Theatre and Science Short Films form the core events of Epsilon. Each year newer events driven and crafted by imagination are added making Epsilon a flagship event of the Dept. Of Science & Humanities.

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