Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in the youth of today.

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Everybody wants to go out there and achieve the big dream of being the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and be the one to leave a mark behind on human history. We, the Entrepreneurship Cell of PES University, make this possible for enthusiastic students out there who want to embark upon this challenging task by making a statement in this competitive world. The Entrepreneurship Cell is the student-run organization of the University under the Department of Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.The primary purpose of this student-body is to create a culture of entrepreneurship among the students on campus and build partnerships with organizations varying from different industries. We have various domains such as Marketing, Finance, Events, Tech, Design, Content and Logistics. By being a part of the entrepreneurship cell, you get an overall world view into the various domains plus experience that will last you for a lifetime. You meet and interact with new people and the ECELL seminars are a safe space for personal betterment. Please send us a mail if you are interested to join or collaborate. If you are an external organisation, we are always looking for partnerships that mutually benefit everyone, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Staff Cordinator

Prof. Sathya Prasad

Student Cordinator

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