Dhruva Forum

DHRUVA Forum is a Student organization that is engaged in grooming principle-centered cheerful leaders, by educating them in various fields of personality development, so that they are well aware of the tough challenges that life has to offer them and to the society. Students part of this club, regularly organise seminars and inspirational talks addressed by various reputed speakers from across the country. Through the means of these seminars we attempt at throwing light on the potential that is hidden in the youth of the country, which when harnessed could be of great benefit to mankind. Seminars on Time Management, Team Playing, Stress Management, Proactive leadership, Positive thinking have been organised by the club so far. This club being recently inducted into PES University has 11 members from across all years and departments and a community base of around 120 students who take benefit of these seminars conducted regularly. The alumnus of PES university as a token of gratitude, conducts various seminars and Student empowerment programs through this club. Office bearers : Aditya K R

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Knowing ones true self

February 25, 2020

Staff Cordinator

Dr.D.Sethuram ( Mechanical Department )

Student Cordinator

Aditya K R : +91 8105743754