Developer Student Clubs (DSC)

Founded on Mar 06, 2019

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Developer Student Clubs (DSC) is a technical organization supported by Google Developers for university students across the globe. The Developer Student Club chapter in PES in the last few months has conducted a bunch of workshops & activities. So far this year, we’ve conducted workshops training students in topics such as Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and successful had our first round of DSC Projects - many interesting new technological projects by students of 1st & 2nd year. Our biggest event so far has been the DSC PESU Cloudfest - attended by over 300 participants in July 2019. We had esteemed guests from the Google Developer Relation join us on the day. Through DSC PESU, we also hope to leave an impact on our local community by finding tech solutions to problems faced around us. Projects done through the DSC will be eligible for submissions to Google DSC Competitions & more. Recruitment process for the 2019-2020 is underway with a lot of interest from all branches. Office Bearers: Yash Pradhan (DSC Lead)

Staff Cordinator

Prof. Sindhu R Pai (CSE)

Student Cordinator

Adarsh Shetty - 9901795951