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The Finance Club

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Vision of the club: The modern world springs up with unpleasant surprises which causes people to suffer financially , with the help of this club the students are provided with activities that enhances and strengthen the foundation and develop a firm footing towards financial freedom which in turn results in knowledge and method necessary to stand unshaken by the unpleasant financial surprises in their coming future. Objectives of the club: 1. To promote financial freedom among students by introducing them to different finance platforms. 2. To Understand the concepts of stocks and forex market, derivatives, debentures, equities ,crypto currency and financial instruments. 3. To provide platform to learn hedge funds, portfolio management , mutual funds and their working process with SEBI regulations 4. To provide financial discipline and management of personal finance.

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Staff Cordinator

Mrs. Rekha Gothe - 9741053408

Student Cordinator

M.Bharath - 7483094785 Mahantesh - 8549094550 Shashank - 9380140618 Naga Tejas - 8792022061